What is Action Consulting and Technology Solutions?

ACTS is a all in one IT support organization that can perform computer diagnosis and repair. We also specialize in project consulting for small businesses and home networking. We can also perform smart home solutions and implementations. Check out the services page for a full list of what we offer.

Do you offer any kind of services or money back guarantee?

Yes! All of our services come with a 15 day money back or repair guarantee. If the services you receive don’t resolve your problem then I will make it right by providing a 100% refund or repair your device with no additional cost.

What’s the process of getting my device repaired?

Start by visiting my services page. Once you’ve located the appropriate service, fill out either the Repair Service Request Form, Consultation Request Form or Computer Build Request Form. Once I’ve received and looked over the form, I will contact you via your preferred method and provide you with an estimate invoice. This estimate invoice will include a quote on prices and time requirements as well as a computer service agreement. That computer service agreement will need to be signed before services begin.

Do you travel for services?

I do travel for services within 20 miles of the downtown Lexington SC area. Outside that range will incur further costs associated with travel expenses.
If you have any further questions, feel free to visit my Contact Me page and I’d be happy to answer any you may have.

What type of web services do you offer?

I can consult on a website design. I can design the website on multiple do-it-yourself platforms such as GoDaddy, Google Sites, Wix, etc. for a smaller fee (those websites charge hosting fees.) I can also design the website from scratch and host it on my server. The initial design fee will be larger, but hosting is a lot cheaper on my server than on the other provider’s servers. Click here to see my webhosting plans.

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