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Meet the Tech

My name is Chris and I’ve been working with computers all my life. Ever since I can remember I have been troubleshooting and repairing any computer I can get my hands on.

After college I worked in a 911 center taking calls and dispatching for police, fire and EMS. After three years I moved to the IT department within the emergency services department. I currently work full time installing and maintaining computers in the fire trucks, ambulances and 911 center.

I’m an avid video game player and love constantly challenging myself with new modifications and upgrades to my personal computer setup. I’ve finally been able to turn the hobby I love into a business.

I’m from the Lexington, SC area and provide various technology services within that area.

What is Action Solutions?

From web development to computer repair. We can help you resolve any technological issues you have.

Our Vision

We’re a small business building other small businesses by way of technology.

Our Mission

Action Consulting and Technology Solutions is a small business geared at finding the right technology for your needs. Whether it’s small-medium business or simply personal.